As an integrative counsellor I apply different models of counselling and mindfulness techniques. My approach is aimed at helping clients increase their awareness of their thoughts, their emotions, their bodies, their behaviour patterns, their relationships with others and the impact of their environment. Together we look at developing inner resources, and practical approaches which can offer different outcomes.

As a mindfulness practitioner my practice is rooted in the here and now, however we are often ill effected by events from the past. With the aid of cognitive techniques, visualisations and increased body awareness, it is sometimes useful to explore and understand the source of these memories. This process of increased self-realisation and self-acceptance leads towards a new way of being.

My areas of experience are: Anger, Anxiety, Abuse, Addictions, Bereavement, Depression, Loneliness, Low self-confidence, Post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD), Rape, Relationship problems, Self-harming, Sexual abuse, Trauma.

If you are uncertain whether I can help you, please send me an email or text and we can discuss it further.